Gourd Art Making Class

Art Active is a non-profit organization that provides art education through mindfulness to South Los Angeles youth. One of our programs, is the Gourd Art Making Class, which encourages creativity and mindfulness in youth as they create works of art. This program focuses on helping youth develop skills in visual and creative expression, communication, problem solving, and teamwork, as well as providing a safe space for learning about mindfulness and self-reflection.


Ceramics Class

Through Art Active’s Ceramic Art Making Class, children in the local community have the opportunity to learn how to paint pottery. Not only is this a fun and creative activity, but it has several potential benefits for kids such as improved motor skills, increased creativity and self-expression, and enhanced problem solving and communication skills. The class also teaches children mindfulness as they learn how to practice restorative breathing and relaxation techniques.


View Park Acrylic Painting Class

Welcome to our Kids Weaving and Acrylic Painting Class, where young artists can explore the exciting realms of texture, color, and creativity! This engaging class offers children the opportunity to learn the captivating art of weaving and the vibrant medium of acrylic painting. Under the guidance of our skilled instructors, kids will discover the intricate techniques of weaving, experimenting with different patterns and materials to create unique textile artworks. They will also dive into the world of acrylic painting, discovering the endless possibilities of color mixing and brushstrokes to bring their imaginations to life on canvas. Our class nurtures self-expression, fine motor skills, and a deep appreciation for the arts. Join us on this exciting journey, where kids can unleash their inner artist and proudly take home their own masterpieces!