Community Floral Class

Interested in learning about floral design and connecting with other like-minded people in your community? Art Active offers community floral classes for all ages and groups. These classes are the perfect way to explore your creativity, learn about different types of flowers and arrangements, and connect with others who share your interest in floral design. Our community floral classes are led by individuals who are passionate about teaching others the art of floral design.


Jewelry Making Classes

Looking for a fun and creative activity? Art Active offers community jewelry classes that are perfect for all ages and groups. Our classes are led by jewelry artists who will teach you how to create beautiful pieces of jewelry that you can wear or give as gifts. Jewelry making is a great way to bond with others and create something beautiful that you can cherish for years to come.


Claude Pepper Community Center – Mindfulness Ceramic Design

We also specialize in offering classes specifically designed for senior citizens. Art Active understands the importance of fostering creativity, mindfulness, and social connection among older adults. In our specially tailored classes, seniors can explore the world of ceramic design at their own pace, while enjoying a supportive and inclusive environment. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the techniques and processes, helping you create beautiful ceramic pieces while promoting relaxation and self-expression. Join us to discover the joy of pottery and connect with a community of like-minded individuals.


Youth Floral Design

Our youth floral making classes is a delightful opportunity for kids to learn the art of flower arrangement! This engaging event is designed to inspire and awaken creativity through the enchanting world of blooms. Led by experienced floral designers, attendees will be introduced to various flowers, colors, and textures, while learning the fundamentals of arranging them into beautiful bouquets. Through hands-on activities and interactive demonstrations, they will gain valuable skills and insights into the artistry of floral design. Our event encourages teamwork, imagination, and a deep appreciation for nature’s wonders. Join us for an unforgettable experience that will cultivate a lifelong love for flowers and the joy of creating something truly special.